2015 Event Highlights: The Thirteenth Annual Filò

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GUEST SPEAKER: Alea Cardarelli

MUSICAL GUEST: Pierangela Pica

MCs: Lisa Gallinaro & Fabiana Alloggia


Amelia Palumbo (The Ottawa Italian Women’s Filò Special Recognition Award):

Amelia has been involved with the National Congress of Italian Canadians for over 30 years, and was made an honorary lifetime member for her commitment and dedication to our Italian Community. She has volunteered for several organizations, and assisted many in acquiring their Canadian citizenship. In 2012, she received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal in recognition of her many years of exemplary service and commitment to her community.

Michelina Cellucci (Maria Ierullo Award):

Michelina has been Treasurer for the Molisani Association of Ottawa, and took on a leadership role in Parolissima, a drawing competition for children in collaboration with Italian Week. She has been on the executive of Tele-30 for five years and drafted a project sponsoring a New Horizons Program for Seniors, which has continued with much success! Since retiring from teaching, Michelina volunteers at the Canadian Museum of Nature one day a week.

Cynthia Nuzzi (Rosa Tiezzi Award):

Cynthia is a busy woman who nevertheless finds time and energy to assist in the production of Tele-30 by writing scripts, interviewing guests, reporting on Italian Canadian events, and discussing issues relevant to the Italian community. She initiated a segment where Italian Canadians narrate their emigration experience, which is much appreciated by the viewers. She also volunteers her services to L’Ora di Ottawa, promoting Italian culture and language.

Anna Maria Morrone (Jennie Prosperine Award):

Anna Maria has worked more than seven years at L’Ora di Ottawa, which keeps her in constant contact with the Italian community. She is involved in numerous community events, interviewing, writing articles, and lending a helping hand to many. She volunteers at Tele-30, is Secretary for the Molisani Association of Ottawa, and has taught at Centro Giovanile Formativo Italocanadese, which helps promote Italian culture and language to students.